Beginning in 2006 we were permitted by the state of Texas to breed and raise whitetail for release ranch stock and trophy hunts. Our goal is to raise Texas large framed, wide typicals.  Check out our 2019 breeder buck sires.

We are TC 1 TAHC 5 years

All of our doe fawns are bottle raised.  This allows us to have more "hands-on" time with individual animals, creating a more calm and relaxed animal.  Easing stress and well-being of the animal is of utmost importance to us.

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We generally release a few quality whitetail bucks for harvest each season.  Contact us by September to reserve your buck now. Check out some of our release buck pictures in the Whitetail Gallery.

Our goal is to raise Texas large framed, wide typicals.

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​​​​Pine Draw Ranch

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Pine Draw Ranch was established in 2003 in Winchester, Texas.  Pine Draw Ranch is owned and operated by Grant, Katherine, and Kyle Pease along with ranch caretaker Allen Lastovica.   We offer South Texas Whitetail as breeding stock as well as ranch stock.

Our Whitetail

We offer bow day hunts on our ranch as well as rifle hunts, including Black Buck Antelope, Axis, Elk, and Fallow.  We also offer these exotics as stock animal for your ranch.  The acreage is high fenced and well maintained with many draws and large towering pines.